7 Ways to squeeze more profits from your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

16 Jan, 2024
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It doesn’t matter if you promote affiliate marketing through the content you create on your site, paid ad campaigns, or media buying across a wide range of sites; there will always be some extra money that can be made on top of what you are currently seeing. This is something all affiliate marketers will learn over time; however, not as many of them are willing to put in the time, work, and effort to explore as many options as possible for increased profits.

When making more from your affiliate campaigns, it’s not just about increasing offer conversions or reaching new audiences. Sometimes it can be as simple as asking your affiliate network for a boost in payout or simply knowing how to scale your budget the next time around. While a five percent increase might not seem like a ton of money at the time, if you are pushing a few hundred or even a few thousand leads per day, this can quickly add up over a week or a month.

At the end of the day, the more profit you can make from your ad campaigns, the more money you will be able to put back into the promotion of such offers — which ultimately leads to more profit in your pocket.

Want higher affiliate profits? Try these 7 tips today.

1. Select an Offer Based on Your Audience

Even before you start promoting an offer and think about using paid traffic sources, you should have a good understanding of the different types of affiliate offers out there. When joining an affiliate network, don’t pick an offer just based on its high payout. Affiliates need to have a basic understanding of the many different types of affiliate offers available (CPA, CPC, CPI, CPS) and the actual conversion process that takes place. At the same time, it’s also important to make sure you have joined multiple affiliate networks, so you can see if the offer is paying better elsewhere. All of this research and planning, in the beginning, will help for a more successful campaign down the road.

2. Start with a Low Daily Ad Spend

To find the most success with affiliate marketing, you need to have patience and understand the process of studying your data. One area in which newbie affiliates instantly have problems is with their budgeting and daily ad spending. When doing any type of media buying or creating a campaign with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, it’s important to make sure you set a low daily ad spend when first starting. Nearly all campaigns are going to be losers in the beginning, and this is a crucial time for your campaign and starting budget. Start slowly, study your data, and scale up as you learn more about how this campaign and its traffic sources may perform.

3. Increase Conversions with Landing Pages

While nearly every affiliate network is going to provide its affiliates with a basic landing page, this doesn’t mean it’s going to be your best option. A perfect example of this would be in the world of online dating. Take a look at any of these killer landing pages provided by either the advertiser or the affiliate network. While being provided with a quality landing page is great, there is even more room for improvement if you are willing to put in the work—especially if you are going to drill down on your demographic audience and pre-sell them before sending them to your actual affiliate landing page. In short, landing pages are one of the best ways to convert audiences into high-quality leads and customers

4. Split Testing All Ad Copies

One of the most important factors in any affiliate or online marketing campaign is being able to split-test your ad copy and landing pages. Just like a landing page can heavily swing conversions in a moment, the text, images, or persuasive language used in your ad copy can do the same as well. Most advertising platforms (like Adwords or FB Ads) will already have a simple process of split testing and comparing different ad copies. Always remember to change just one component in each ad copy, so you know which is performing best. Once you have a variation of five or more ad copies in place, send traffic to each of them and start to weed out the poor performers.

5. Split Test Different Traffic Sources

In addition to split testing the ad copy and creative used in your ad campaigns, it’s just as important to split test your traffic sources as well. This is pretty easy to set up when using a platform like Facebook Ads, as nearly all of the traffic will be coming from Facebook. However, if you are running a Google AdWords campaign or a massive native advertising campaign, you could be receiving traffic from thousands of different sites. Each of these traffic sources can be pinpointed with a unique site ID. Knowing which is delivering the best traffic and leads for your campaign is key. Always make sure you have pixel and conversion tracking in place to maximize the earnings of your ad campaigns.

6. Use Retargeting to Increase ROI

Something we are all seeing a lot of lately, but not as many affiliate marketers have implemented yet, is retargeting advertising. The concept of retargeting advertising is simple. As the site owner or affiliate, you can place a tracking pixel on your site or landing page, and after a visitor leaves your site, you can still deliver advertisements throughout sites (or even on Facebook). The benefit here is that you are reaching an audience that is already interested, engaged, and was previously at your site. Click rates and conversions are also much higher, as you are delivering ads to someone already familiar with the service or product you are offering.

7. Ask for a CPA Increase When Pushing Volume

Sometimes, one of the best ways to increase how much you are getting paid on an affiliate offer… is to simply ask. Affiliate networks are working off margins and this means two things — there is always going to be a little bit more money they can pay out on an offer, and the other thing is that they are always looking for more volume to send to their advertisers. If you are pushing legitimate and high-quality data to your affiliate offers, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to request an additional 5-15% more in payout on your best affiliate offers. Again, this goes back to the relationship and history that you have in place. Always send a decent amount of traffic and leads before requesting an increase.

How to Increase Your Affiliate Earnings in 2024

It’s incredible to think about, but affiliate marketing has been around for over 30 years now. With the billions of dollars that it generates annually for businesses around the world, there is no end in sight — especially with the rise of mobile technology becoming more accessible in third-world countries. In short, affiliate marketing is simply one of the best opportunities you have for making money online.

If you want to turn your affiliate marketing efforts into a real business and start working for yourself, you are going to need to work harder and smarter than the competition. Go niche with your affiliate focus, create better content and landing pages than the competition, and also split-test, scale, and grow on as many levels as possible.

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